Mood Board & Sketch



Fashionworkroom creates seasonal design concepts by presenting you with mood boards, color palettes, key shapes, fabrics, textures, materials, prints & graphics. We are proud to use the art of fashion illustration to present a range of sketches. These will include details in the front and back silhouettes.  We pride ourselves on our design  ability as per Australia standards.   

Tech Packs



The tech packs we can offer will include measurements, materials, colors, trims, grading, labels and more. They are all created in user-friendly and detailed sketches. Even a sampling tailor can refer to them and create the sample with no construction mistakes. We understand the importance of accuracy and detail. We are happy to talk to you should you require any advice.

Pattern Making



Pattern making is an essential part of the fashion world. Fashionworkroom drafts precise patterns from samples, pictures, and sketches. We specialize in CAD generated patterns and grading sets that fit perfectly. We offer the option of cardboard, paper sheet, and PDF or DXF format. At Fashionworkroom we work hard to understand and meet the needs of our clients.  

Sample Construction


We offer complete services for sample development – be it single, to an entire range. We do our utmost to resolve most creative and production issues immediately, saving time and production costs. When you need expertise and experience in sample construction look no further than Fashionworkroom.



 We can assist in sourcing fabrics and accessories including designed hand tags, brand logos and wash care labels. We also provide services for Prints and Embroideries. Our team is dedicated to offering the exceptional services our clients are looking for.  

Offshore Manufacture


We have relationships with many offshore manufacturers ranging from more casual options all the way to high fashion. We can assist you in getting the best quotations and are happy to help with any specific needs or requirements our clients might have. Our team in Victoria can offer advice on anything to do with garment construction.